Custom Paint Repair

Repairing custom paint is a tough job you should only trust to an expert. At JT’s Custom Paint Garage, we have been working with many paint products for over twenty¬†years and have become one of few custom painters in the country able to match even the most challenging custom paint repairs, including other custom painter’s work.

We have found that often customers have moved away from their custom painter, a painter has closed shop, or may be non-responsive. When that occurs, there are few options, but we can help.

JT is able to meticulously determine the product and process used by other artists through his extensive experience. Depending on the complexity of the design, quality of the paintwork, etc., we can assess the damage, and determine the best solution. Whether you choose to get a newer, fresher design on your bike or want to return it to it’s original custom work, check with JT for trustworthy quality custom paint repairs.


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